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Fast boat in lake Titicaca, Peru

Lancha rapida en lago Titicaca, Peru


Kayaking in lake Titicaca - Peru

Kayak en lago Titicaca - Peru


Sillustani burial towers, Puno

Chullpas de Sillustani, Puno


Amantani Island - Lake Titicaca

Isla Amantani - Lago Titicaca


Uros floating islands, Peru

Isla flotante de Uros, Peru


Transporte turístico en Puno Perú

Tourist transportation in Puno Peru


Suri Explorer is a company that organizes excursions on Lake Titicaca and Puno, offering unforgettable experiences at each outing. Our team of professionals is highly trained in different languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and first aid. Our operations are duly controlled and monitored, thus providing efficient control of each of our services.
In addition, our packages are focused on the rural communities of Lake Titicaca and its surroundings, where families benefit directly from tourism, offering accommodation, meals and artisan products to our travelers, who are currently part of the tourism industry. We want to offer you an own Suri Explorer experience, for this make your reservations with us and enjoy an experience of traveling and exploring our culture. We are a tourism team at the service of our most demanding clients.